Our Story

Allow yourself to close your eyes and dream BIG. Think about how you enjoyed (and still do) just one more jellybean. That special desire is how we enjoy dressing your kids!

Who are we, you ask?

We are 2 sisters that share a passion for children’s fashion. Our goal is to share that love with other fashion seeking moms out there.

The result….

A collection of brands that are trendy, unique, urban, cool and much more. We are constantly scouring the industry to bring you more brands and styles that are hard to find just anywhere!

From modern to contemporary, from classic to funky, we’ve got your little ones covered. With unparalleled customer service, handpicked selection, impeccable quality and perfectly curated workmanship of each individual brand and style, you are guaranteed to find the perfect wardrobe and all with the luxury of shopping in the comfort of your own home.

To shop with Jellybeanz Kids, is to shop with the confidence and reassurance of knowing that our team has selected only the finest and best in childrenswear.

And remember….. There are no bad jellybeans at JellyBeanz Kids!

We  love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to us at ANY TIME with questions, concerns or feedback.




JellyBeanz Kids

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